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Bridging Liquidity Across TradFi and Onchain Fi - One RWA at a Time

Zoth is an ecosystem that connects liquidity across Traditional Finance and Onchain Finance, effectively expediting the influx of assets and capital between these two sectors.

Zoth believes that the convergence of Traditional Finance and Onchain Finance is inevitable. Onchain finance is poised to experience a substantial influx of institutional capital amounting to trillions of dollars, coupled with the tokenization of high-market capitalization traditional assets.

ZOTH - FI Platform

The inaugural offering, ZOTH - Fixed Income (ZOTH-FI), represents an Institutional Grade Fixed Income Marketplace, that facilitates investor access to top-tier Fixed Income assets through Stablecoins. Zoth encompasses a diverse spectrum of asset classes including Cross Border Trade Finance, Sovereign Government Bonds, and Corporate Credit.


Zoth was founded with a strong belief in the potential of SME (small and medium-sized enterprises) credit in emerging markets, particularly in the context of cross-border trade finance. The founding team, with their backgrounds in fintech and alternative asset investing at AB InBev, recognized the challenges faced by SMEs in accessing credit and the limited availability of fixed-income products for retail investors. They also understood the power of blockchain technology and the opportunities it presented for bringing RWA (real-world assets) onto the onchain finance landscape.

These SMEs often struggle to secure the financing they need to grow and compete with larger, more established firms due to higher interest rates. Statistics indicate there is a $4.9 Trillion credit gap for SMEs in emerging markets. Interest rates for SME loans in these markets are typically three times higher than that of developed economies.

Onchain finance promises to dismantle global barriers, enabling free capital flow across the world. This development leads to more open, transparent, and efficient access to finance. It brings greater financial inclusion by transferring more assets and liquidity from traditional finance (TradFi) to Onchain Finance (Onchain Fi), with blockchain technology at its core.

Key aspects of this transition include:

  1. The inevitable shift of the massive TradFi industry making its way onchain. This represents a fundamental change in how financial transactions and assets are managed, leveraging the efficiency and transparency of blockchain technology.

  2. The challenge of accelerating liquidity in current RWAs. This involves creating mechanisms to ensure that these assets can be easily and efficiently traded onchain, thereby enhancing liquidity and accessibility.

  3. The need for secure, sustainable, and transparent yield is paramount. As RWAs transition from TradFi to Onchain Fi, it becomes crucial to offer investment returns that are not only profitable but also sustainable and transparent.


Zoth envisions a future where the boundaries between TradFi and Onchain Fi are blurred, enabling new opportunities for enhanced liquidity and efficient tokenizing mechanisms for RWAs.

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