Zoth Protocol

The Zoth protocol is a decentralized platform for listing real-world assets from emerging markets and creating liquidity for them on-chain. Onboarding an asset involves curation and due diligence, tokenization and listing, and liquidity management. The Zoth pools facilitate the listing of assets and creates Zoth asset tokens that represent the value locked in the fund. Validators play an important role in asset validation and due diligence, and are compensated with ZOTH for their work. Lenders are incentivized to provide liquidity for the Lending pools.

Consensus on Zoth

Zoth operates on a consensus model that validates every borrower and collateral within its ecosystem. This unique approach ensures that the protocol maintains a high level of trust and security. Central to this model are validators, whose active participation in liquid staking is essential for both validation and earning rewards.

Validators on Zoth play a critical role in achieving consensus and maintaining the integrity of the platform. By participating in liquid staking, validators demonstrate their commitment to the protocol's growth and security, aligning their incentives with the success of the ecosystem.

Through the consensus process, validators thoroughly examine each borrower and collateral. They employ rigorous checks, verifications, and assessments to ensure that all assets and borrowers meet the protocol's stringent criteria and adhere to its established standards. Validators act as guardians of the ecosystem, leveraging their expertise and diligence to establish a shared agreement on the validity and reliability of participants and assets.

By incentivizing validators through the liquid staking mechanism and ZOTH rewards, Zoth fosters a collaborative environment where participants actively contribute to the consensus process while earning rewards. This consensus-driven validation approach strengthens the overall security and trustworthiness of Zoth, offering users a reliable and secure lending ecosystem.

Know Your Customer

Zoth plays a crucial role in enabling the verification process and emphasizes the importance of KYC for ensuring compliance among lenders and borrowers. By implementing a seamless KYC process supported in multiple regions, Zoth ensures that each participant is a verified and unique entity. This KYC verification process is vital because it establishes trust and confidence in the platform. Lenders and borrowers who have undergone the KYC process demonstrate their onchain compliance with the users.

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