Invest With Zoth

How to Invest with Zoth?

For new users, Zoth offers a quick and easy onboarding process. All they need to do is connect their wallet to the Dapp.
Once users have successfully onboarded, they move on to the Verification. We verify the personal and institutional information of our users.
Once users have submitted their verification information, Zoth initiates the verification process. In case additional details are required, the team promptly reaches out to the user. Users receive the contact information of their verifier, along with an estimated time for verification.
Upon successful verification, users gain access to the pool market place and their dashboard. Users can start lending on Zoth, through the pool dashboard. Each opportunity is accompanied by detailed information and related documents, enabling users to make informed investment decisions. When users are ready to invest, they can select the desired number of tokens or the amount they wish to invest. After payment confirmation, users receive a confirmation and can view their portfolio.
They can also find comprehensive information about their investments and transactions in their portfolio section.
Zoth is also in the works to provide exciting features such as liquid staking pools for users to explore and earn boosted yield.
At Zoth we strive to provide a seamless journey from onboarding to managing investments. We are committed to supporting users every step of the way. Welcome to a world of endless investment possibilities!

Who can invest with Zoth?

Zoth revolutionizes institutional investment strategies by seamlessly integrating real-world assets into the crypto ecosystem. Institutions, including crypto hedge funds and accredited investors, gain exclusive access to a diverse pipeline of high yield generating asset classes.
Zoth's commitment to compliance, security, and transparency empowers institutions to confidently navigate the regulatory landscape and tap into the transformative potential of blockchain technology for sustained growth and innovation in the digital economy.
Crypto Natives and Accredited Investors
With Zoth, Anons and Accredited Investors looking to diversify their holdings could get into real-world assets without going off-ramp. The exposure to real-world assets provides a better hedge against inflation and volatility on-chain.