Assets on ZOTH-FI

ZOTH-FI facilitates the listing of Institutional Grade RWA Pools from diversified sectors including Trade Finance Receivables, Private Credit and Sovereign Bonds.

Asset Classes on ZOTH-FI

Cross Border Trade Finance Receivables

This is short-term financing chosen by businesses performing cross-border trade to tap into their unpaid invoices to meet their working capital requirements. Businesses avail financing towards unpaid invoices for the goods already delivered at a predetermined cost.

  • Trade financing is a thriving global industry valued at $4.16 trillion.

  • As per the World Trade Organization, approximately 90% of worldwide trade transactions rely on trade financing services.

  • The asset class maintains exceptionally low delinquency ratios, generally remaining below 1%.

Sovereign Bonds

Emerging market sovereign bonds, also known as EMD, are debt securities issued by governments in emerging markets to raise capital from global investors.

  • The EMD market size at around $7.8 trillion, according to JPMorgan Chase.

  • Low default rates as the bonds are backed by sovereign nations.

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