Intro to ZOTH - FI

Zoth - Fixed Income (Zoth-Fi) is an Institutional Grade Fixed Income Marketplace, that facilitates investor (LPs) to access to top-tier Fixed Income RWA (Real World Assets) from emerging markets through Stablecoins.

We list RWAs from emerging markets and create liquidity for them on-chain. Onboarding an RWA involves curation, due diligence, tokenization, listing, and liquidity management. The platform enables crypto investors to earn high, secure, and sustainable yields from RWAs.

Pools on ZOTH-FI

The Zoth pools facilitate the listing of RWAs and create Zoth asset tokens that represent the value locked in the pool. Lenders (LPs) can invest in RWAs and earn yield. Validators play an important role in RWA validation and due diligence and are compensated by Zoth for their work. Lenders are incentivized to provide liquidity for the pools.

The Zoth pools are the centre of the platform, with three major functionalities. Firstly, they facilitate the listing of RWAs, acting as a conduit between traditional finance and on-chain finance. This process involves the tokenization and listing of RWAs. Second, these pools offer investors (LPs), the opportunity to invest in RWAs, thereby earning yields on their investments. Lastly, validators are integral to the ecosystem, ensuring the integrity and viability of the RWAs through validation and due diligence processes. For their efforts, validators are compensated by Zoth. Furthermore, the platform is designed to incentivize investors to provide liquidity, thereby increasing the overall liquidity and stability of the marketplace.

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