Invest with ZOTH-FI

Onboarding Guide

Step 1: Onboarding

  1. Connect Wallet: New users start by connecting their wallets to the Zoth platform.

    • Follow the on-screen instructions to securely link your wallet.

Step 2: Verification Process

  1. Submit Personal and Institutional Information: Provide the necessary details for verification.

    • This includes both personal and, if applicable, institutional data.

  2. Verification Initiation: After submission, Zoth begins the verification process.

    • If additional details are needed, the Zoth team will reach out to you.

  3. Verification Communication: Users receive contact information for their verifier, along with an estimated time frame for the completion of the verification process.

Step 3: Accessing Investment Opportunities

  1. Access to Pool Marketplace and Dashboard: Once verified, users gain access to Zoth’s pool marketplace and their personal dashboard.

  2. Explore Investment Opportunities: Users can browse through various lending opportunities available on the pool dashboard.

    • Each opportunity comes with detailed information and related documents to help make informed decisions.

  3. Investing in Opportunities:

    • Choose the desired number of tokens or the investment amount.

    • Confirm the payment details.

    • Upon successful transaction, receive a confirmation notification.

Users can view and manage their investments in the portfolio section.

The team is committed to providing a seamless investment experience and offers support at every step of the investment journey.

Please contact us at, in case of any queries.

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