Our Values

At Zoth, we collaborate exclusively with the most reputable and well-established partners in every function. In the realm of finance, especially in on-chain finance, trust and security are of paramount importance. Recognizing this, we at Zoth are dedicated to maintaining both the trust you place in us and the security of your funds.

For instance, consider our Premium Short-Term Trade Receivables, which invest in secured short-term receivables sourced from esteemed factoring companies in emerging markets. We embrace Diversified Risk by factoring three invoices from different borrowers, payable by different buyers. As invoice financing occurs at the final stage of a business transaction, it represents the safest form of trade finance – a globally secure asset class with historically sub-1% non-performing assets (NPAs). We also implement multiple risk mitigation strategies, including First Loss Coverage Guarantee, Promissory Note, and Institutional Credit Guarantee. Additionally, we exercise Control of cash flow for all customers of end borrowers through the Banking as a Service product offered by the Asset Originator.

In traditional finance (TradFi), establishing and managing a fixed-income product involves various parties such as fund managers, asset managers, custodians, fund administrators, counterparties, lawyers, and more. This complexity only increases in on-chain finance, especially when linking on-chain capital to off-chain assets. This makes the choice of partners crucial.


Zoth upholds the core values of Transparency, Trust, and Fairness in every aspect of its operations, particularly in the intricate world of on-chain finance.


Our commitment to Transparency is evident in our clear communication and openness about the operations, risks, and strategies associated with asset classes on ZOTH-FI. We ensure that our partners and clients are well-informed and confident in their decisions.


Trust is the cornerstone of our relationship with partners and clients. By collaborating exclusively with reputable and well-established entities, we safeguard the security of funds and maintain the high level of confidence placed in us. Our dedication to securing assets from esteemed asset managers and originators in emerging markets exemplifies our commitment to trustworthiness.


Fairness is integral to our business philosophy, guiding our interactions with all stakeholders. We embrace Diversified Risk to ensure equitable risk distribution and protect our client's interests. Our risk mitigation strategies, such as the First Loss Coverage Guarantee, Promissory Note, and Institutional Credit Guarantee, are designed to provide fair protection against unforeseen losses.

At Zoth, these values are not just principles but the foundation of our approach to bridging the gap between on-chain finance and traditional finance, ensuring that we maintain the highest standards of integrity, security, and transparency in every transaction.

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